Have the best time ever in Dalmatia Aquapark

Are you ready to have the time of your life?  Water, sun, adventure and excitement never stop in the Dalmatia Aquapark. Immerse yourself  in the hot summer fun and have the best time ever in the first and only Aquapark in Croatia.

Aquapark Solaris 00-01-Solaris-Aquapark

Lazy river is a perfect  warm up.  Move slowly downstream for over 200 meters on transparent floats.

00-09-Solaris-Aquapark 00-08-Solaris-Aquapark

Waterfalls, sprinklers, nozzles, water effects are there for all who want to play and spend an active day full of  fun. Experience lots of laughter and excitement on open and covered slides.

solaris-2_19 solaris 2_17

Large barrel is the biggest attraction in the Aquapark! It pours 1200 l of water every few minutes to the delight of all visitors who find themselves underneath.

00-02-Solaris-Aquapark rain_fortress

To the joy  and satisfaction of children and parents both a lot of content  in the Aquapark is adapted for the youngest. Kids play zone with shallow pools and small slides will make sure your kids have a lot of fun.

kids_zone kids_zone2

Adventure in the Aquapark doesn’t stop there. Real submarine fairytale playground is another activity for your kids. Fantasy world comes to life in a cave which you can pass through. It is designed as a magical marine world with numerous sea life characters like turtles, fish and crabs.

podmorska_bajka podmorska_bajka (2)

Our trained lifeguards take care of safety in the Aquapark. They always  carefully watch over  and are ready for quick action in case of need.

spasioci spasioci2

Adults have a corner for themselves too. Enjoy in the playroom for adults.  You can have a drink in the shade there or play a game of  table football in the game play zone.

odrasli odrasli2

If you want to take a break  relax on a deck chair and soak up the sun. Refreshments can be found at the Splash Bar. They offer a large selection of freshly squeezed fruit  juices, a variety of other beverages,  pastries and fast food.

ležaljke piće

Have the best time ever in Dalmatia Aquapark. Experience the water magic that spreads on over 14 000m2.

Come, you simply must try a whole new level of water fun  in the Aquapark.